It's Not All About You!

Your husband tells you he’s transsexual. Do you drop him like a hot rock? Could it possibly work out? Read this book! Includes: the transsexual process, talking to others, assessing your relationship, finding therapists, maintaining your marriage, jealousy, helping your children adjust, and more. Also fcr the woman who falls in love with a transsexual.
There are plenty of books for transsexuals and transgender people; this is not one of them. It's not all about him. It's about you.

Author: Elisabeth L. Morrissey.

ISBN: 978-1-4523-7650-9 (EPUB ebook)

Price (U.S.): $9.99 (ebook)
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That Old Science Fiction: A Look at Classic SF

Book cover for That Old Science Fiction.
Perhaps the “Cliff’s Notes” of classic science fiction, writer Sourdough Jackson’s essays keep alive the books, authors, editors, publishers, magazines, and movies that made science fiction the successful subject and industry it is today.

Author: Sourdough Jackson

ISBN: 978-1-936966-10-3 (softcover), 978-1-936966-11-0 (EPUB ebook)

Price (U.S.): $10.95 (softcover), $2.99 (ebook)

Transgender Myths, Transgender Secrets

(To be released 2015.) The result of more than a hundred interviews, Transgender Myths, Transgender Secrets takes an honest look at what transgender people do wrong, and how much trouble some of them go to to mess up their lives in sadly forseeable ways. This is a how-not-to, don't-do-it-yourself, and don't-try-this-at-home book for transgender people, those who know them, and those who are at least a bit curious about them.
  • Meet John, who not only missed his daughter's recital, but later on an anniversary dinner, all because he was secretly meeting in women's clothes with other crossdressers. His ultimate undoing was a weekend binge, buying expensive dresses, shaving off his body hair, and paying for an expensive photo session, all with his wife, Muriel, and kids due home Sunday night.
  • And then there's Gregory, who hangs out with skinhead friends at bar at one end of a block, and goes out in drag to pick up men for anonymous sex at a gay bar at the other end of the same block. His biggest problem, just ask him, was finding makup that would cover his Nazi tattoos when wearing revealing dresses.
  • Don't leave out Susan's surgeon for gender reassignment, who took lessons from Picasso; he had his own imaginative ideas about how female genitalia "should have been" designed.
  • Proving that ordinary people can mess up in transgender ways, meet Denise, a Catholic woman whose husband tried to get an anullment by claiming to be a crossdresser. She got even by making him wear women's clothes at home while he proved his femininity by doing the housework and caring for their young children.
Please join us while we examine 125 stories about 116 transgender people, their friends, and their family members.
Authors: Carolyn Addison, Elisabeth L. Morrissey, and Karen A. Morrissey.


Fisher King: Percival's Descent


An inconsequential lad stuck in the most disgusting, humiliating and dangerous job on the planet Landis flees to find a future at sea.

By accident, he signs on to the Fisher King, a run down, undercrewed, oversized, interstellar cargo ship, where he starts out by learning firsthand that being in the vacuum of space without a spacesuit makes his tongue itch, fending off a pirate attack with a mining tool, killing a crewmate, and making new best friends who poison him and cut his throat, but not without apologizing profusely.

Every day aboard ship brings a new discovery and a new, puzzling dream. But his old life won’t let go of him. Troopers try too hard to drag him back for a murder he didn't commit, creating a technical state of war between the Fisher King and the governments of Landis.

Tragedy strikes on his way to face the authorities, and only by using strengths he didn't know he had does he save himself and others. While recovering, he begins to realize forces are conspiring against him and the Fisher King. When an escape fails, Perce must stand up for himself and his ship. Can he figure out in time that he has an ace in his pocket, one that will win the day, but at great personal cost?

Author: Karen A. Morrissey

ISBN: 978-1-936966-02-8 (softcover), 978-1-936966-03-5 (EPUB ebook)

Price (U.S.): $15.95 (softcover), $4.99 (ebook)

Torpedo Junction: Rommel the Ocean Fox in the Pacific

book cover image, floatplane on aircraft carrier
In November, 1941, Commander Anson McDonald is suddenly transferred from a career in destroyers to a senior staff position in a carrier task force—just in time to be plunged into the U.S. Navy’s most desperate war. In this tale of what-if, he learns things he never knew about leadership as he assists his C.O., Rear-Admiral Erwin Rommel, the Ocean Fox, in dramatically changing the scenes of World War II’s Pacific Theater.

An engaging read for armchair admirals, WWII and aviation buffs, and fans of  alternative history.
Author: Sourdough Jackson

ISBN: 978-1-936966-00-4 (softcover), 978-1-936966-01-1 (EPUB ebook)

Price (U.S.): $16.95 (softcover), $3.99 (ebook)

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Weird Canyon

Book cover for Weird Canyon
What do you do after you’ve burned your hometown to the ground? That’s the question Danny and Sieg have to solve when their science club homecoming float goes horribly awry. Instead of fleeing the state, the two end up working for a mountain resort Danny’s uncle won in a poker game.

There, they discover the complications of love, the evilest cat in the world, and a Sasquatch hiding in their tool shed. Now they and their friends have to save the Oxford-educated Sasquatch from a pair of intrepid tabloid reporters, a fake medium and the developer who wants the resort to build condos. Now burning down the town is beginning to look like the easy part.

Author: A.M. Jordan

ISBN: 978-1-936966-08-0  (softcover), 978-1-936966-09-7 (EPUB ebook) 

Price (U.S.): $15.95 (softcover), $4.99 (ebook)